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Must.Love.Self Podcast: Two Kinds of Business- Sarah Marcus-Donnelly  Sarah talks about value, worth, and self-esteem. CW: Rape, Suicide, Disordered Eating

Northstar Big Book Podcast: Sex Inventory & Ideal with Sarah Marcus-Donnelly “Sarah is one of my all time favorite humans.  She is my sponsor and my soul sister.  No one breaks down the sex ideal like she does.” -Carly Israel

An Interview with Sarah Marcus-Donnelly, Author of They Were Bears  Marcus-Donnelly talked with Sundress editorial intern Cheyenne L. Black about this book, bears, the connections of wildness and women, the necessary work women still face in defying boundaries, the illusion of safety, and so much more.

Episode 70 of SAFTAcast is here! Sarah Marcus-Donnelly joins us to explore the roots of her obsession with bears and horses, and tells us what all her tattoos mean!

SARAH MARCUS IN CONVERSATION WITH MELISSA STUDDARD: American Microreviews & Interviews  In the following interview, we talk about finding the courage to speak your truth, how to be a good literary citizen, the transformative power of poetry, inclusivity, and more.

Prosody: Pittsburgh Radio for Contemporary Literature
Prosody, which airs every Saturday morning on listener-supported WESA 90.5 FM, is Western Pennsylvania’s only regularly scheduled radio program featuring contemporary poets and writers. WESA is an NPR affiliate, with transmission reaching into Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

VoiceAmerica Between the Synapse Radio
November 06, 2014: Rape Culture in America
“‘Rape culture’ is a culture in which sexual violence is considered the norm — in which people aren’t taught not to rape, but are taught not to be raped. Joining Between the Synapse to discuss this issue will be poet and writer Sarah Marcus, who’s recent essay, ‘The Night Facebook Suggested I ‘Might Know’ My Rapist,’ has appeared on numerous sites and garnered significant attention. This is a don’t miss episode.”

The City and the Writer: In Cleveland with Sarah Marcusinterviewed by Nathalie Handal for Words Without Borders (March 2014)

Alums Alyse Knorr and Sarah Marcus Publish Two New Books of Poetry” interviewed by Erica Dolson for George Mason University (August 2013)

 “Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Marcus ‘07interviewed by the Honors Program for Miami University (August 2013)

Sarah Marcus on Feminism, Publishing, and Teaching Activism” interviewed by Sheila McMullin in So to Speak (February 2013)

The Next Big Thing: Literary Chain Letter (February 2013)

My Work Reviewed

Jennifer MacBain-Stephens: Where Everything is Waiting* A Review of They Were Bears by Sarah Marcus for The Sock Drawer

Sivan Butler-Rotholz, editor: Saturday Poetry Series Presents: They Were Bears

Paul David Adkins: A Modern Retelling of the Trauma and Therianthropy of Cornix: Sarah Marcus and Nothing Good Ever Happens After Midnight for Yellow Chair Review

Karen Skolfield: A Review of Sarah Marcus’s Backcountry for As It Ought To Be

Alyse Bensel reviews Backcountry for The Los Angeles Review

Paul David Adkins reviews Backcountry for Red Paint Hill Publishing: Plodding a Wilderness of Addiction and Abuse: Sarah Marcus’ Backcountry and the Specter of Joan Larkin’s A Long Sound

Christina Veladota reviews Backcountry in maybesopoetry

Indu Ohri reviews Every Bird, To You in Meridian

Barton Smock‘s review on Goodreads: Backcountry & Every Bird, To You

Other Mentions & Musings & Shout-outs

33 Life-Changing Books in Honor of International Women’s Day: A Reading List from the Staff at VIDALiterary Hub (March 2016)

We Can’t Breathe” for As It Ought to Be (December 2014)

The Chapbook Interview: Alyse Knorr on Research, Teaching, and Inspiration” for Laura Madeline Wiseman

“Nicole Tong Interviews Essayist and Short Story Writer Kirsten Clodfelter” for Les Femmes Folles: Women in Art

The Wardrobe: March/April 2014 Round-up

Adrienne Celt’s Love Among the Lampreys:

Travel Notes From a Southern Poetry Tour” Leah Umansky for Luna Luna Magazine (July 2014)

“How We Can Number Up: Sheila McMullin Continues Her Discussion on VIDA Count 2013” (April 2014)

q & a: ra washington, culture worker (January 2014)

First Editions: Miamians in Print (Winter 2013)

Feminists I’ve interviewed for Gazing Grain Press

Series editor, High School Poetry Series: Gender, Identity, & Race

As It Ought To Be: Spring 2018
As It Ought To Be: Fall 2017
As It Ought To Be: Spring 2016
As It Ought To Be: Spring 2015

**This series was reprinted by The Good Men Project (July 2015)
Johnny Ward, Dion Pride, Jazmyn Alexander, & A’bria Robinson

As It Ought To Be: Fall 2015

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