NothingGoodCoverforWebA Modern Retelling of the Trauma and Therianthropy of Cornix: Sarah Marcus and Nothing Good Ever Happens After Midnight
GTK Press / © 2016
ISBN 9780996546010
$10 / 69 pp

Paul David Adkins writes so beautifully and thoughtfully about my new book in Yellow Chair Review:

“The gravity and significance of Marcus’ conclusion, as well as the collection’s entire narrative arc, places her alongside the fearless Natalie Diaz as a debuting poet unencumbered by the typically pedestrian subject matter of most new writers. Nothing Good Ever Happens After Midnight marks Sarah Marcus as one who understands even at this early stage in her career that poetry is more than lovely writing. It carries the heavy responsibility of representing both language and the burden of courage it requires to take a full swing with her heavy ax at the roots of the world, initiating that liberation, that exquisite lifting on her own to freedom.”

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