This is the “official” list of where I’ll be next week!

Thursday, February 9th

Gazing Grain Bookfair Table Booth 503

Sundress Publications, Agape Editions, and ELJ Publications Reading
6:00pm-8:00pm at Madam’s Organ Blues Bar

Readers will include…
From Sundress Publications: Neil Aitken, Sarah Marcus, Natalie Giarratano, Karen Craigo, and Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo
From Agape Editions: Nandini Dhar and Kazim Ali
From ELJ Publications: Stacey Balkun, Jessica Walsh, Nicole Oquendo, Joanna Valente, Janeen Pergrin Rastall, and Chance Castro

Friday, February 10th

Gazing Grain Bookfair Table Booth 503

Signing They Were Bears at the Sundress Publications Table Booth 458-T

Ursula Major: A Feminist Offsite Reading at Big Bear Cafe

Make the Friday of AWP a feminist one with a mighty cause! Join The Atlas Review, Gazing Grain Press, In Your Ear, No, Dear Magazine, and Switchback Books for a dose of literary excellence. We are collecting money for this event that will go directly to DC’S RAPE CRISIS CENTER—so come for the reading, stay for the philanthropy. Every dollar counts. Especially now. If you can’t make the event but would like to support this organization, please visit DCRCC’s website for monthly and one-time donations:


Saturday, February 11th

Gazing Grain Bookfair Table Booth 503

Panel: VIDA Count in the Classroom
4:30pm:– 5:45pm

Scheduled Room: Room 209ABC, Washington Convention Center, Level Two
VIDA Count in the Classroom. (Holly Burdorff, Camille Rankine, Sarah Marcus-Donnelly, Prageeta Sharma, Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie)

Panelists will present best practices for incorporating VIDA Count data into a creative writing class — how to: talk to students about inequities in literary publishing, use Count information to re-shape syllabi, and create assignments which aim to close the reviewing gap. Panelists have a range of teaching experience (with regard to geographic location, grade/degree level and academic affiliation) and as such, they will present on and discuss a wide variety of classroom settings.

I will have copies of Backcountry, Every Bird, To You, and Nothing Good Ever Happens After Midnightas well as fresh off the press copies of They Were BearsMessage me if you’d like to meet up!